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In Late Summer

I’m in the habit of parking my butt in my “front yard” these late summer days. I collect a handful of sea glass, and stare at the sun for a bit. It’s larger today. Might read a chapter of something on the Kindle…or share some thoughts on the blog!

I know I won’t be living here too long. But I’m glad I took the chance. It’s not a small island, but it’s not quite big enough. I miss the rivers and creeks and valleys and highways of Vancouver Island. Campbell River northward is something special, as industrialization fades away. And anywhere it’s a 100 km/h or more speed limit is always great. A wanderer needs a lot of space.

I’m keen to delve more into something of permanence, and to grow something meaningful. Permaculture, homesteading, an eco village, or an untamed space that could be coaxed and carved into something of a legacy. I don’t know exactly. The events of this year have been a stark reminder to expand upon the skill set, to compromise and accommodate less stupidity, and to just get done with old projects…to be willing to make more mistakes, to maybe take a chance on love, and to move forward toward self-reliance.

While I can endlessly chastise my younger self for not making better decisions and having no real plans, it is what it is, and I am where and who I am. I have built things with these hands. I have destroyed things, too. I have sliced or scraped open my skin on many an occasion, survived numerous should-have-been-fatal accidents, and still, I am here for more. So, either I am an idiot and choose to seek suffering unending, or I am so deeply curious, so mortally artistic, that I simply can’t walk away and pretend I’d be alright with any regrets.

We’ll see.

But for now,

Solvitur ambulando