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Tag: creative life

Elements of Desire

When I was young, maybe about 12 years old, I had a dream of performing my music in front of a sea of people. It was just me under a spotlight, holding a guitar, with a microphone on a stand in front of me. I’m not sure what song I was about to sing, but it felt good to be there.

Why We Write

It feels true to me that we write primarily for ourselves, whether it’s poetry, prose, a script for stage or screen, lyrics for music or text for commercial copy. We are ultimately the ones to satiate and to fulfil; we will read it (repeatedly), listen to it (a lot), or be subject to its repercussions once released out into the world.


Creativity thrives on an openness and innocence (or perhaps wilful ignorance), a trust in the unknown and a delightful anticipation of the unexpected. It calls for a certain level of restriction, pressure or limitation: a time constraint, a budget limit, an equipment or materials limit, inexperience, weather conditions, client preferences, Mercury or Mars in retrograde, etc.