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What’s the Point?

In today’s information age, it’s a fairly easy thing to get overwhelmed. When you have mainstream media nonsense, social media addiction, video games and endless phone apps, you’re likely heading for a regular dose of sensory and emotional overload.

One of the symptoms of this blurred haze is apathy, or some form of a fatalistic perspective on life in general. The news media is more sensationalistic and unenlightened than ever, with bias, polarization, and blatant propaganda as breakfast, lunch and dinner. For dessert, climate change. No matter where you look, something is about to end the world, again. So, with these seeds of ennui and iniquity planted in the majority of our conscious minds, what else would one expect than to need escape, medication, treatment, distraction or vengeance?

What’s the point? Who cares? It’s all going to hell anyway, and A.I. is just around the corner, ready to take malevolent, violent control of everything technological. So, why bother? Take care of your own, worry about your own needs, clean your own house, and forget everyone else. Yes, they have indeed won if you’re reaching for that lame old story.

There are many layers to this existence, and you’ve been conditioned to eke out a living while playing within only a subset of a subset of a percentage of the universe of possibilities. You’ve installed and relied upon their version of reality, and continue to wear the tinted distortion lenses they gave out at the turn of last the last millennium. Some of us seem keen to bring back the dark ages, and medieval practices, instead of boldly going where everyone actually wants to go.

Cowards adhere to false notions of control, manipulation, profit, and power. Creators get busy devising solutions, meeting minds, gathering talents, and innovating their way out of archaic nightmares and into the dreams of our childhood. Life is art, and we’re desperate for all the artists across industry, commerce, education, government, science, finance, and entertainment to come forward.

We need you to be the real you. You need to tap that infinite part of you that’s been buried, afraid, tired, beaten down, suppressed, or otherwise traumatized. Your story has room for that AND what’s next level, for you, and for the collective.

Be willing to do the work, to accept whatever was, is, and imagine what could be. Be willing to love what comes up, and all of those improvised explosive devices that are hiding in your mind, in your heart, in your scars, and in your memories, will no longer have the power to take the wind out of your sails.

You’re elemental; you’re the earth, the air, the fire, and the water. You’re enough. Start here, now. Remember who and what you really are. It will take patience, silence, and persistent resolve.

What’s the point? The point is you need to start asking better questions. Answers await. Dive in.

Solvitur ambulando