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You’ve Done Enough

You have done enough. But if you still choose to wake in the morning, if you still choose this dream over the other, your works here aren’t complete.

Prepare yourself.

You’ve accomplished, you’ve overcome. You’ve been hurt, you’ve healed. You’ve caused hurt, you’ve catalyzed healing. You’ve questioned it all, and still await the answer. It shifts, moves away and transfigures itself every time you get close.

Fuck, eh?

This dance with creatorship doesn’t make sense to your mind. It seems to hurt your heart, too. Why should it be so complex? Why is the world so convoluted?

It’s not. Look again. Do away with your conflicting filters of someone else’s perception and look again. It’s very simple. Perhaps, too simple. Yet it presents itself as a myriad of confusion, polarity and injustice. It fires the emotions and it overwhelms; you forget that it’s all energy and requires of you a discipline and authenticity, a raw and naked curiosity that no virtual assistant could possibly help with.

Once we have thoroughly explored all the seeming wonders of technology, the extremes of augmentation, artificial intelligence, digital information storage, mechanical control and manipulation, we’ll once again come full circle and realize it was with us all along. Nothing mechanical can touch the fully realized, natural human.

Yet today, many roads are leading away from spirit. Many roads are defined by commerce, industry, apathy, laziness, ennui, emotional exhaustion, myopic ideals, repetition compulsion, ignorant politics, and arrogant, greedy men. How very predictable.

You’ve done enough, and in the doing, you’ve been led astray. You don’t trust your own compass, yet you hate people telling you what to do.

You’ve done enough. Find you again. Prepare for next level.

Solvitur ambulando