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When you are aiming to reprogram your set patterns and to elevate yourself toward gratitude, ease, grace and flow, one of the simplest — yet profound — tools at your disposal is an affirmation.

But wait, there’s more! As you have been living within certain belief structures and a multitude of suppressing, negating, or otherwise spiritually stifling frequencies, who you now are is essentially hardwired into your body.

Whatever instigated the program in the first place was powerful enough to make it stick.

Whether it happened in this lifetime or another, whether it was a traumatic event, ill-informed or misguided parenting, propaganda in the media, societal influences — or any of a thousand other reasons — a fundamental change within us requires more than simply repeating lovely sounding words and phrases.

It’s very easy to get discouraged and defeated in this process. Our ego and pride — desperate to stay alive — are always ready to step in and redirect energies elsewhere, or remind us of someone or something to blame and/or resent for all this pain. This is entirely illusory, fear-based energy, and it can certainly be reclaimed and transmuted.

It is ultimately we who must choose to change; it’s our life, our story, our reality and our universe.

Energy, repetition, elevated emotion, thoughts and words, created and continue to perpetuate all of your programming. Deleting it and supplanting it with our preferred programming requires much the same — especially in the early stages.

One not only has to become aware of the myriad ways in which we uncreate, defer or delay our desired outcomes (eg. I can’t, I don’t know, I’m broke, I’m lonely…) but also to actively, deliberately replace them.

Shame, guilt, apathy, grief and desire (neediness) are all lower forms of energy than even anger is. There’s a reason: anger is a powerful, motivating energy that forces us to move and to do something. It is one of our most potent catalysts for change.

As we move up the energetic scale by living through courage, neutrality, willingness, acceptance and reason, we drive toward the inevitable: love… then joy, peace, and finally, enlightenment — yet, as you’ll notice, every stage of our journey is a progression of enlightenment.

And perhaps you’ve already made the natural connection here: doing the work to resolve, release and reprogram (thus reclaim) the lower vibrations and frequencies, we will by default move ourselves out of the cloudy, mired and mucky mindsets, upward into our most natural, resonant and healthy vibratory states.

We can keep looking outside of ourselves for answers and solutions, but remember that it is from the outside whence all the layers of weight and illusion were introduced.

They have served their purpose, but what do you truly want?

Solvitur ambulando