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Tag: reflections

How Much is Enough?

There have been times in my life when days were extremely long and I was completely exhausted from work. That was something I enjoyed for a while. But my life inevitably returns to this default structure, covering the essentials, and I believe that right now that is enough.


I’m listening again to Glenn Gould today, as a “focus” or “music for concentration” playlist on Spotify brought across classical vibes that somehow led me to Glenn’s repertoire.

Insert Clever Title

I rebooted ye olde blog three years ago, after deciding to wipe it clean and start fresh. The few hundred posts over the previous years seemed scattered and disoriented, much like I was, and still can be from time to time. I’m OK with that.

On Hold

I’ve often made the mistake of letting the day to day worries and anxieties paralyze the process of creativity and preparation. And then ten years have passed.