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Conditions May Apply

It’s an odd statement, isn’t it, “conditions may apply?” Similarly, when they say, “your call may be recorded…” they’re both blatantly lying.

We’ve grown accustomed to certain levels of this obvious nuisance of corporate malfeasance. Litigation is a measurable part of a country’s GDP nowadays. We accept that the cover-your-ass principal is paramount, in nearly every aspect of society, so we swallow the bitter little numbing pills.

There’s a pervasive cynicism in our culture, though somewhat subdermal and largely unspoken, that taints the simpler, purer processes. We trust more in the scarcity and fear of what life has to offer than in their positive, flowing alternatives.

We’ll rise up, resist, fight and scream our heads off, before we’ll take a breath, calmly assess, and step powerfully into a knowing grace. It’s not that the pen is mightier; it’s that the pen writes laws, books, lessons and lore.

This could be why, then, we struggle with the more esoteric ideas about this reality we dwell within. We know about energy, vibration, attraction, electromagnetism, cause-and-effect, intention and manifestation.

We’ve heard of the quantum this and that. We’ve dabbled with meditation, tai chi, qi gong, yoga, and we’ve heard about the benefits of vegetarian, and raw vegan lifestyles.

Much of these obviously healthy, elevating, lucidity inspiring, body, mind and spirit detoxifying practices are still on the fringes and outlying quarters of otherwise well-meaning societies. It’s not that we aren’t ready for wholesale shifts across the map, so what’s the delay?

We’ve plowed somewhat ungracefully through millennia of violence, emotional suppression, masculine and feminine energetic imbalance, and all the side effects of wilful ignorance and brute force.

But we know life is cyclical. We’ve heard increasingly loud whispers of very advanced societies, much older than previously thought, having existed right here on this planet — long before the rock stars of today’s religions showed up. Remnants and memories and new discoveries of these masters from the “past” show up every day… As do hints and explorations of massively advanced technology and natural understanding that we’ve only guessed at in most textbooks.

What’s clear is that all the viciousness of the process makes sense, given a broader context. All the lifetimes and generations and rigmarole of discovery, expansion, invention, and purification are not a new idea.

Where we are at right now, nearly, is what one might call a zero-point. Individually, we’re learning that we can and at some point must choose to reset the mechanism, and return to the simple, natural, organic, authentic, original self.

But since we don’t readily know what that looks like, our minds can’t bridge the ancient gap. And perhaps they’re not supposed to; the quantum (or beyond) nature of the universe is well outside the capabilities of our mind. Pure, unmingled thought is in the realm that exceeds light-speed communication and can’t be subject to the rules, barriers, and practiced conditions of scarcity or fear-based consciousness.

We’ve heard it before: we have to get out of our own way.

One heartbeat at a time. One thought at a time. One conscious, gentle, patient, loving step at a time. Until, again, we arrive at the space of no-time and welcome the significant, the synchronistic, the resonant, the genuine and the pure — and thus transcend the need to label even those essences of being.

Right now, it will require discipline and work. It will demand regular practice. There are innumerable free resources to teach, guide, and help us. We still cling to the idea of “hard work pays off”, so perhaps that one can still prove useful.

Dive in.

Solvitur ambulando