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Discovery, Too

Take a few wrong turns on somewhat familiar streets, and you stumble across hidden connections…

It can be a lonely walk sometimes. As I wandered this evening, I finally listened to a few more chapters of an audiobook I had performed some character voices for. I’m reminded of how varied the road can be, and how things are always assembling and falling apart, just outside our periphery.

Where we put our energy can be maintained or developed further. What we really get behind, with emotion and focus, can become a permanent part of us — perhaps even replacing something outdated in our operating system.

And even then, it (the catalyst, the moment, the situation, the relationship) may be as transient as the weather. Yet we are changed. With every bump and bruise, hug and kiss, we have a chance for expansion.

We own the creative rights to our story. But once it’s published and distributed, it takes on a new voice. Words and phrases stand out, catch the eye, or signal the heart — and deeper meanings blend into the mosaic of the collective.

Meaning enriches and colors in the cosmos. Since many of us have chosen the roundabout way to discovery in this life, being subjected to archaic institutions and controls and unconscious parenting, we also assume the awesome responsibility of making sense of and recapitulating the fragmentation and dissonance.

In the end, perhaps it all serves as an accelerated school of awakening and enlightenment, for we work with fire and raw materials in so many interesting ways, day to day.

Follow your feet.

Solvitur ambulando