“Disclosure” – Official Music Video

“Disclosure” is a track from The Reluctant Pilgrim, Part II. “disclosure” trance blackman you keep your secrets with all of mine if these are secrets then why the line? forever baseless your hidden crime a method faceless like doing time you had your congress alike in mind forsaking progress with ties that bind in every […]

taking lessons

teachers are summoned to uproot the weeds we keep trying to convince ourselves are flowers. it’s painful, embarrassing, frustrating, but in the end, humbling and revealing… healing. we are thankful when we get over our little snits. we are thankful when we move through our practiced defensive postures and projections. we are grateful, wide-eyed, and […]


love, in its varied manifestations, always reflects who you are, where you are. sometimes, you’re eating a delicious chocolate, and you find a thumb tack in it, while someone kicks you in your privates, and squeezes the life out of your heart by sitting on your chest. other times, it’s utter, harmonic simplicity – a […]