Different, and Perfect

13 August 2014

walkabout mission creek regional park

we are the locus
the focus
initiators of
conscious hocus-pocus

master illusionists
material distortionists
quantum hacktivists

it is our soul purpose to
dance and chance
in a wilful trance to
tempt every fate and

having etched onto the walls of all-that-is

something different and perfect


love your life,

Elevate (Trippy Hop Mix)

The Power of the Process

4 August 2014


be willing to let it fail, fall, collapse, crash and burn.

you live to learn
to live again
you love to lose
to love again

every step and circumstance informs the greater story. don’t get too caught up in any single chapter of this multitudinous transience, but do engage and embrace it fully:

every moment has a miracle
and every face a lesson
every delay has a breath
and every roadblock an opportunity

it all brings you back to you.

love your life,

Nothing to Fear

A Brief History: Shadows

4 August 2014


life is a dynamic process, blending whatever elements we choose to use (“permission slips”) to explore whatever aspect we desire to explore and experience – this time around.

we’ve chosen brutality, ignorance and war.
we’ve chosen gamesmanship, strategy, manipulation and mass extermination.
we’ve chosen politics, religion, economy, industry, fiat currencies and other limiting, superficial, energy-sucking expressions.
we’ve chosen massive imbalance, wilful planetary abuse and destruction, and murder and cannabalism.

we’ve chosen to explore – in every way – the darkest shadows, the rotten recesses, and the plethora of low-vibration, basest of base function and form.

and now, we’ve chosen that it’s enough.

none of the violence is useful, necessary, or wanted. whether it’s inside of us or projected out in the world, we’re turning the page.

human history may seem a long, epic saga, but in universal scale, all we’ve ever been is a blip on the cosmic screen; a fragment of a thought, existing in a fragmented time/space construct.

when we get a mere whiff of the plain truth of it all, the ridiculousness of the ideas of violence, war and darkness is evident and exposed. none of it matters one iota for none of it can harm who and what we actually are.

yet, we are master illusionists.

thus, every nanosecond of “recorded history” (and beyond) is useful: we know all of what we are capable of. we know intimately the entire spectrum of dark to light. we understand fully every feeling and emotion, and their correlation to inner workings, their physical, metaphysical, quantum physical, ethereal, spiritual, and universal integration and relevance.

we understand that all is supported upon a foundation of “love” – infinite, sovereign, conscious, and very much alive.

we exist. we create. we explore.
we are here, now.
we must remember.

love your life,

A Casualty and a Warzone