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It’s Not a Time Thing

No time is wasted. While we employ its linear concept to organize and plan and schedule our lives, it doesn’t really factor in to the grand scheme of all things.

“Time flies when we’re having fun” because joy and happiness and fun and levity are not time-dependent.

In fact, when we’re in the throes of passion — or rapt in joyous activity, engaged in sensual experience, dwelling in creative flow, or deep into a book — tempting the idea of time can immediately, forcefully bisect our energy, bilocating our perception and perspective… drawing our focus away, while halving our presence and delight.

We are in effect time-traveling between now, and then; we’re oscillating physically, emotionally and psychologically between where/when we are, and where/when we will be (or once were) — often to the detriment of our immediate experiential moment.

One could consider this a “waste” of time, as we’re creating it two-fold, yet bridging our consciousness across both instances.

This issue is endemic to our distracted society… which is perhaps approaching epidemic scales; we’re rarely, if ever, fully and completely anywhen, or anywhere, as the fractal sands of time fall through our fingers, regardless of how tightly we grasp.

This earth, in this space, at its current speed of rotation, orbit and interstellar motion, seemingly affords us about twenty-four hours in a “day”. There is, of course, no actual day, nor night, nor are there hours, minutes, or seconds.

In this way, our definitions are that which we exist by.

In dreamtime, clocks don’t exist. Why are we so dependent on them in this waking dream? We are so utterly constrained by these arbitrary numbers and digits and timing schemes, we would be hard-pressed to imagine a reality without them.

Yet, when we are fully engaged and immersed in the living moment, we temporarily — and temporally — allow ourselves to forget; timelessness unbounds.

This is where your bliss exists.

Don’t worry about wasting time, or you will always want more — and wanting is illusion.

Wherever and whenever you are, be just there and then; love life, not time.

Solvitur ambulando