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It’s funny, really. When you get your head twisted around by distorted realities and hidden agendas, you can be led to believe anything. Years can pass before anything truly important gets done, meanwhile you wonder why you feel so empty.

A lot of us are convinced technology will save us…from ourselves. More tech, more access to the internet, more integration, more satellites, more electric cars, more highways, more concrete and more infrastructure. But if you step back for just a second, and have a good look, you’ll see none of that is true.

A family can be well fed with the least amount of care and planning, almost anywhere on the planet. Instead of wasting my time these past six months trying to flesh out and convince others of what I’ve known since before this covid nonsense and stupidity began, I could have been designing and starting a food forest. I feel rather foolish.

The further we get from nature, the less human we will inevitably become. If it isn’t humane tech, complementary and synergistic to a natural human, it’s destined to be transhumanistic, soul-crushing, and life-sapping dysfunctional dependence.

These screens of all sizes are magnificent portals to learning, instruction, and worlds of information. But right now, we have to get wiser about distraction, delusion, illusion, misinformation, disinformation, superficial egoic placation, and the deeply malevolent narrative that still wants us to be leaning into scarcity, lack, and fear.

Start small and grow… The living system itself becomes the teacher.

Geoff Lawton

We were designed to thrive here — in harmony, in concert, in absolute sacred resonance with the waters, seeds, and soil beneath our feet, with the air, the skies, and the sun.

You choose abundance. You choose reconciliation and rebirth. You choose renewal. You chose life. There are no apps for that.

Solvitur ambulando