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BE SAFE. The ringtone of a lost, exasperated, confused, paranoid generation. Have we really become so weak?

It seems we’ve flattened the curve of strength of character and emotional depth. We’ve over-protected and dumbed down everything — to the point where we are utterly subdued, polarized and segregated by the invisible. Hold my phone while I sanitize my damn hands. Give me a break.

Life here isn’t safe, and that is by design. You’ll need to look elsewhere for safe, bland, sterile, emotionless, predictable existence.

Life here is, well, alive. It is dynamic, unfixed, sweet and sour, beautiful and damn ugly. It is clarity and distortion. It is love and fear, together and apart. It is birth and death, proliferation and extinction. Yes, extinction! It is natural and technological. It is complex and ridiculously simple.

The history of our planet is riddled with explosions of life, and catastrophic collapses. It’s hard to say exactly where we’re at right now. Not too long ago, I couldn’t find toilet paper anywhere. It didn’t surprise me, either. But, back to the bigger picture.

It is a universe of our own, populated with layers of contracts and considerations, agreements and manifestations, down and down and down, compressed and condensed from our infinity. It is truly whatever you desire it to be; being, human beingness, is the point, the purpose, and the underlying principle of this principality. Were it otherwise, words and ideas and physicality wouldn’t be necessary.

You are free. Free to fear your friends and neighbors. Free to hate the weird and the different. Free to “be careful” the shit out of your children. Free to suffer and consent to increasingly stupid and dangerous rules, to self-isolate and destroy your connection to nature and humanity, to cover your face and breathe your own toxic exhalations.

I miss your face.

You’re free to learn and discern, strive and achieve, trip and fall and get back up again.

But, by all means, be safe.