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Commit to it. The more you dabble, wish-wash, flip-flop and dally — since the universe only knows “yes” — the more you’ll exist in a state of chaos and confusion. You’ll fall back into and endlessly repeat patterns based on your well established beliefs….

Carved Face

I paused for a moment To look at the carved face And it gave me a chance To hear my own heartbeat The trees and the stones Were born to outlive me Yet without my observance Would they exist in this place? Shape and shadow Lightfall quantum interplay Form a persistence That I might walk…

A Waiting

Waiting for life to show you the path Is waiting for disappointment It is not our lot to push, to labor, to force Yet neither is it to simply react; The magic is in the co-creation Our unseen attributes suffer When our reliance is on the material Our material nature suffers When our reliance is…