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Negative Bias

All that emerges and evolves and develops can be used or viewed in the negative perspective.

All technology, medicine, finance, law, science and religion, everything new, better, faster, advanced, etc., can and will very likely be explored to extremes — dowsed in fearful aspects and motivated in negative ways.

So what? This has always been the case. Based on events of the past century, you can rest assured that any ideas of nuclear war are total fiction. We’re past the point where it’s extremely easy to self-terminate as a species. There’s nothing to be won by anyone in that equation. Today’s battleground is in the digital vein of information and ideas; the weapons of the future are radical honesty and moral technology. So, get a grip and get busy creating the world you wish to see (and stop buying stupid, useless shit).

Natural law is quite simple. Everything else that has been adopted and enacted (as “positive law”) dilutes and complicates what is right and good, favors political and empirical interests, while subverting its subjects. Time and again throughout history, we’ve seen the pattern repeat itself… always with a negative, competitive bias.

Paranoia and fear beget only more the same. Check-in with the pulse of the collective consciousness and you’ll see that most of us want what’s next, what’s natural, what’s harmonious, what’s beyond the borders of the broken, destructive and outdated.

We crave wholesale change, we desire deeper connection, we’re desperate to shed the failings of our elders, yet anxious to embrace timeless and distilled wisdom — and to reignite our soul.

But we are scattered, fragmented and lost from generations of violence, imbalance and ignorance. Some would suggest that is by design. Perhaps. Yet in this reality, diamonds require pressure. Thus, the long game favors the awake and the aware.

We are in the position of being able to simply redesign and replace the dysfunctional systems of the past. Our collective consciousness is opening us up to the potentials and ideals of individual empowerment, disclosure, transparency, unlimited information, universal connectivity and more.

When we look at the evolution of the internet, blockchain and machine learning, we get a good glimpse of the world opened up and liberated to reclaim its identity.

Yet because of the persistent ugliness, violence, distrust, fear and manipulation of the past and present, we will feel those niggles and anxieties and worries about how it could all go Terminator and HAL 9000 on us.

Of course it can. Everything is possible.

But we dwell in probabilities and potentialities. We dwell in consciousness, heart, emotion, intuition… We dwell in the organic, in love, in vibration.

In every moment, in the now, the needle is in sway between chaos and entropy, or harmony and organization.

So, do you contribute in a positive, or a negative bias?

We’re working on a new arrangement for this wondrous symphony. Pay attention. Dive in. Elevate.

Solvitur ambulando