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The 5 Pillars of Strength

“I teach an overall defense strategy called THE 5 PILLARS OF STRENGTH. All 5 pillars are extremely important as defense, inside any attack from evil. These 5 pillars of strength (in order of priority) are physical, intellectual, financial, emotional and spiritual. Combined, these 5 pillars of strength are extremely hard for evil to penetrate. What I teach looks like a self-improvement program but it’s much more than that. My programs include ancient knowledge, wrapped in modern terms, which can help each citizen learn to identify and protect themselves from evil infiltration.”

Jason Christoff

Jason Christoff provides an ever-expanding library of self-empowering and life-affirming courses, as well as immediately applicable tools for deprogramming yourself from the never-ending barrage of mind control and manipulation that pervades our contemporary zeitgeist.

Jason identifies five pillars of strength: physical, intellectual, financial, emotional, and spiritual. These absolutely cover the fundamentals of constructing and maintaining a solid foundation for a fulfilling life. That being said, in my opinion, I would reverse the order.

With grounded and activated spiritual strength and innerstanding, knowing inherently that you are ultimately untouchable, that you are here for a reason, and that you are never alone, you will be more easily and readily able to deal with external emotional threats and assaults, as well as self-regulate and calmly return to center. And you are no longer unconsciously attacking or sabotaging yourself.

Then you are philosophically stable and psychologically ready to pursue financial stability. You are motivated to better serve humanity by starting your own business or pursuing a new career path. This, in turn, allows you to devote time and mental space to developing your critical thinking skills and intellectual strength through independent study and education outside of mainstream offerings. This will inevitably lead to the discovery of harsh and unsettling truths about the nature of this world. You are increasingly aware of your limited resource of time, which is now far more valuable to you in pursuing your life’s purpose, so you will spend far less time escaping into entertainment and diversion.

You are naturally stronger physically because you are financially stable and eat a proper, species-appropriate diet, as well as being disciplined with your mental, physical, and spiritual inputs. You’re already acting and behaving in ways that will keep you strong, resilient, self-sufficient, and prepared to perceive, discern, and resist current and future attacks that the parasitic elements of our realm carry out with near-scripted regularity.

Regardless of the order of priority, it is our responsibility to take action. Life mirrors who and what we are, not who and what we wish or pray to be.

Solvitur ambulando

Jason’s article that inspired this post: