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Lonelyness, an Epitaph

We feel it acutely in the world today, this pervasive loneliness. So long as we maintain systems and beliefs of separation, it will remain in the forefront of our emerging consciousness.

And that is by design; to fully explore and experience every facet, potentiality, reality and aspect of a concept, we bring it into the light.

We put it on like a jacket, only it never quite fits. We wear it proudly, yet we know, ultimately, it isn’t ours to keep; it’s only for the experience. As with anything that we derive to sever our connection to Source, it inevitably becomes trance-parent and revealed for the illusion that it is.

But it can sure seem real. We’ve become masters of the pain-body concept. We’ve come to be servants to the notions of our so-called fragility, frailty and mortality. Sure, our fleshly bodies can be flawed, broken, susceptible to toxicity and disease… but the opposite is also true; the former inherently proves the existence of the latter. This is a reality of polarity and contrast, yet we tend to believe more readily in the negative bias.

The systems and concepts in place assure that we are but blips on the grand timeline; that we will age, be injured, injure others, then fall apart and die. It’s very predictable. Our attachments to fear, lack, struggle, suffering and pain guarantees more of the same, never quite allowing ourselves a grasp beyond only the material and most basic aspects of what we are truly capable of.

But, just because it isn’t yet part of your self-imposed reality bubble, doesn’t mean it hasn’t always been available to you.

Look beyond your familiar filters and egoic assumptions. Leave room for ‘what if?’ and foster your inherent openness and wonder.

“Do you think that’s air you’re breathing now?”

Solvitur ambulando