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I’m angry. I’m angry because I love you, and care about your future — rather, our collective future and our wellbeing — and I feel powerless to protect you from those strange, delusional few who are out there: those whose aim is to foment and to feed off your fears, your need for emotional expression and creative satiety, your need to be seen, to be held, and to belong…to control your every move, to make you believe you’re fragile and weak, and then to profit from your self-induced illnesses.

I’m angry because I don’t know if there’s anything I can do about it.

It’s So Easy

It’s pretty easy to point fingers and throw insults at the fat, white, sexist, rich, ignorant, stupid politician.

But that’s only one perspective, and a powerful one that grants entry into the club. Bravo.

To Be: On Struggle and Finding Balance

There are times when things inside us become so tense that the blinders come up, the heart locks down, the stomach churns and ties into knots, and the brain and body simply hurt. It is a self-inflicted paralytic that signifies upheaval (or energetic and spiritual expansion), an opportunity for self-reflection, and something lingering within us in the form of intense resistance.

Passion or Anger?

Outside influences continue to exist while we work to realign with our inner compass. Noise can be persistent, and some of the outdated ideas we’ve adopted will resurface and irritate or infuriate a creative spirit. It is in these moments that we determine whether we are working from passion or anger.