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Compassion, Happiness and Kindness

The fear is palpable. Never in my short lifetime of 44 years have I seen or experienced something like this COVID-19 event, and it’s quite revealing, if not frustrating, annoying, infuriating and humbling. It will, ultimately, be a positive shift for us all.

In the past century, our world has become increasingly interconnected, and populations are flowing across borders, societies and cultures. Our DNA, genetic makeup, philosophies and psychologies are being blended and culturally examined and infused more than ever. We’ve become increasingly electrified and subsequently inundated with electromagnetic fields and frequencies. We’re eating less food, and more food products. We’re desperate to trust technologies more, yet less trusting of ourselves, our systems of hierarchy, and our neighbors. We’re less anxious about survival, yet more anxious about stability, meaning and purpose. 

We’ve become better and stronger in ways, and much, much weaker, fragmented and debilitated in others. But, that’s life! It’s the ever-evolving smaller and larger cycles of change, adaptation, integration and aspiration.

The general hardiness of boomers, and some Gen-Xers, has faded away — perhaps an inevitable consequence of modernization, industrialization and technology. Gone are the life-long jobs and careers, even as we’re on the verge of extending our lifetimes. Gone are the discipline and work ethic, apprenticeship and mentorship, even as we have access to the sum of modern human knowledge at our fingertips. They’re not gone in all ways, nor everywhere, of course, but look around: who isn’t staring at their phone right now? Whom do you know that would be willing to dedicate months and years to master anything

We pretend to have a toughness, resilience and grit by going to the gym, participating in ultra-marathons, enduring 10-day meditation retreats, and absorbing the increasingly violent, dissonant, misleading and repetitive programming that’s coming at us from all directions. We’re “canceling” each other like narcissistic adolescents. Politicians are increasingly ridiculous. Their story will change from one day to the next. Meanwhile, billions of citizens still believe in the ideas of voting and elections — as if their concerns are truly ever being addressed; it’s clear we don’t really believe in it, yet because nothing better has emerged, we are forced to play along; we are forced into reaction and defense and conflict and petty squabbling. We can sense there is a better way, but what will that entail? We have fragments of these next-level capacities for unified, cohesive social betterment, but they’re largely polarizing, untested and incomplete. Our parents and grandparents relied upon the traditional systems to take care of those grander concerns, to protect their interests, but we’re seeing now that we’ve all been lied to. We want what’s next, but we’re afraid to pick up the pen and write it down. We’re terrified of failing, and to buy-in to what modern disruptors and pioneers are battling and struggling through. So much is at stake, and it feels inescapably like we’re living in volatile, uncertain times. 

The crazies in hidden places, secret societies and black-budgeted complexes still crave war, and still try to incite and create it all over the place, but I don’t think it’ll stick anymore. We’re alert and increasingly aware. This current pan-hysteria won’t last as long as the spineless parrots of government and media are prognosticating that it will. The old narratives are increasingly transparent, and the global shift of power is moving away from the sociopathic stalwarts. But, that’s merely this one man’s observation.

We must continue to flip the narrative on its head, and to do that, we have to remember our inherent, transcendent powers. They begin with compassion, happiness and kindness. They are rooted in conscious breathing, signaling our internal pharmacy to bolster our immune systems, rectify our energetic imbalances, detoxify our cells, organs and tissues, and assist us in standing strong amidst the changing tides. This will most certainly not be our only global challenge this coming year and decade. 

A pandemic isn’t possible without our willing and widespread panic and fear. Feeding upon and feeding into hysteria is a choice. Yes, we must be informed, but we must be ever-more discerning, reclaiming our agency and capacity for reason at every turn. The animal, primal, self-protection mechanisms are powerful. Pause, breathe and think. Cui bono? Quid est veritas? Take care of yourself, and your own, certainly, but take care not to build upon the illusion of separation and disconnection from your fellow citizens of Earth. Everyone needs food and shelter. Everyone plays a part in this era’s story. Everyone adds to the tapestry of our future history. Everyone has a voice, a heart, a spirit, and a singularly essential thread that weaves into this impressive, adaptive, creative human element.

The immediacy of global statistics and out-of-context data correlation/causation is dangerous and misleading. The “crashing” stock market is a market that is designed to crash — or at least dramatically reset/correct, time and again. It is not a legitimate nor true gauge of our accomplishments and resiliency. It’s essential to observe it with the right perspective, and not to treat it as a barometer to the stability and viability of our economies. If you’re not willing to do a little research on your own, please take what’s being spread around madly with a significant grain of salt. There are more “experts” today than there are lawyers. We’re at a transition point with our informational overwhelm, and how we choose to move forward will dictate our generation’s capabilities for recovery, change and emotional intelligence. The collective is shaken, stirred and agitated. You can feel that. You can choose to paint it darkly, or choose to see the cracks where the light is breaking the ancient patina apart.

All that’s required of us right now is a temporary adjustment to our social behavior, not to prepare for the end times… yet again. It’s about social cohesion and consideration, not isolation and paranoia. Feel the fear and learn of its causes. Use it to fuel an examination of your personal values and to further awaken your conscious awareness.

Compassion, happiness and kindness. Close your eyes and sense that eternal spark deep within you. This event will pass, and the world will be changed. This circumstance will pass, but the questions you’ve been avoiding will need to be addressed.

Solvitur ambulando