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Everything in this life is relationship:

With ourselves
With others
With our thoughts, emotions, beliefs
With our bodies
With our circumstances
With our environment

Invariably, the idea of relationship creates duality — an arguably “necessary evil” of this physical, reflection- and placebo-based reality.

We cannot know an “I am” without defining an “I am not”; to be, is to engage the story.

Thus, the conflict begins. Resistance is initiated. Perception is born, and perspective gains a facet… and another.

Through the trance-initiating process (we delve into the black, man), contrast, separation and time allow us innumerable methods and modes of exploration that only the limits of curiosity can hinder.

Otherness defines an explosion of stardust, cosmic energy, galaxies and universes; the great inhalation.

Life forms. Is-ness defines mind, and mind quantifies a business to get to.

On occasion, we may experience a rupture in the façade. It will not compute. Not yet.

Even in death, we may hold on, unable to surrender attachment to the wonder and the all-encompassing novelty.

Eventually, silence remains — and even that will become quiet, and formless… a pregnant, infinite potentiality without a spark to ignite it.


Your senses deceive you.
You are divine, love.
It is beyond question.

Pause and unplug from time to time.

Solvitur ambulando