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Soul Expression

Audio Version (music by Oleksii Kaplunskyi)

Holding back, suppressing, stifling, or filtering your raw, authentic expression does not protect or benefit anyone. Your tears cleanse and heal. Your anger is disrupting, upsetting, stimulating, and revealing. Your true nature, your incomparable love, is dynamic, daring, intense, and unwavering.

How can you know who you are or what you truly want out of life if you never push your limits, hone and adapt your skills, or discover new interests and abilities?

Pleasantries are polite, but are they authentic? Faking your way through life is toxic, primarily to your concept of self, and is the underpinning of pervasive, quiet desperation. The ensuing game of numbness and feigned ignorance inevitably manifests as arrogance, narcissism, and apathy. That serves none but the parasitic mind.

We are immortal, divine masters of love and light. We are artists by nature and commanders of dreams. Be yourself. Be real. Be free.

Solvitur ambulando

. . .

How To Fly” from Runaway