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Himesh Kumar - Unsplash

Citizenship is a Choice

You’ve always got options. The world today practically demands you think outside the borders you and/or your children may have been born into. The covid FRAUD and other recent and ongoing hoaxes (OMG, CLIMATE!!! OMG, DEI!!! OMG, GENITALS!!! OMG, ZOMBIE CHICKENS!!!) should hopefully have challenged or rightly snapped your tired, distracted, or complacent mind out of any notion that your government truly has your best interests at heart. Good grief.

You don’t have to go anywhere, but perhaps it makes sense to consider your citizenship choices.

What has become a rather nonsensical idea of a “country” is merely a service corporation. Do you hold them accountable, or do you fear them? Do they take your money and use it in ways you’re proud of, or do they just keep taking more while pursuing divisive ideologies and nonsense, wasteful agendas that nobody asked for or honestly supports?

Borders are made up commercial jurisdictions and have less and less to do with cultural and language barriers. Politics (and politicians) are generally childish, inane, myopic, perverse and ridiculous, and are as changeable as fashion trends or financial fluctuations or media/state propaganda or weather modification programs, i.e., someone’s game of mind control and spiritual manipulation of which you have little or no control.

If things are smelling rotten or you’re seeing things going downhill where you live, make some moves. Expand your horizons. Educate yourself about the 190+ other nations of the known realm. Or, make a stand, commit, engage, learn the law, innerstand it and how to protect yourself, your property, and your family within it, and, yes, play their game.

Government is a useful tool when it’s minimal, stays out of your way, and you hardly know it exists. But, as history has shown repeatedly, Big Gov is far too easily captured, controlled, and becomes a pathetic, bumbling, brutal, tyrannical and greedy master, beholden to corporate, banking, and “globalist” tyrants and operated by tantrum-throwing ignorant shills and mindless cowards.

Prove for yourself that they deserve your loyalty, respect, and support.

Or, go where you’re treated the best.

Love your life.