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Tag: emotional intelligence

Shed the Skin

Old programs (-isms, habits, reactions, triggers) will not always go silently. They intertwine with our routines, our beliefs, and our perceptions.

Castles in Disguise

This day will pass, whether you dreamed a little dream, drew up a plan, took a baby step toward a goal, did what you loved to do, spent time with whom you wanted to, followed through on those tiny impulses, built something with your hands, started into a new book from the thrift store, sang your own beautiful song…

To Make You Feel Loved

I think it is exceedingly rare these days that we take the time to truly get to know how someone wants to be loved; how they prefer to be treated, acknowledged, left alone or kept company; how they would be better heard, understood, and validated; how they want to be touched and embraced, or how they’ll be open to it when they feel safe.

What Do You Want?

It comes down to what you truthfully want.

When we continue to settle for that which we do not desire, it infects our everyday, as how we do anything, is how we do everything.

Solvitur ambulando