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Who’s the Enemy?

Who’s the enemy? In recent years (ca. 2001–2022), the enemy is anyone who challenges the narrative.

What we’ve seen just this year is the lengths to which the socially oblivious, frantic halfwits in authority will go to quash resistance, to silence the dissenters, and to try to strike fear into those who would ever consider doing the same. It is democracy in its truest form: mass ignorance, and mob rule. I still can’t believe this happened, and is happening, in Canada.

The blatant lying and psychotic delusions of political leaders are endemic of a failed bureaucracy, and their actions – such as enacting “emergency measures” – are predictive of what’s to come. They’ve shown their true colors, and they will absolutely continue to abuse their offices and powers for their twisted, self-important agendas and aims – or worse, doing so on behalf of some other entity we don’t ever get to know the identity nor intentions of.

Something big, we both agreed, had shifted, but neither of us could quite pin it down. On the surface, of course, we could point to the obvious changes. The unprecedented biosecurity state which governments had imposed in response to covid. The accompanying media censorship operation. The vaccine passports and normalisation of mass surveillance. The digital attempts to enforce uniformity of opinion on key issues. Deepening political divisions. Crumbling public trust in institutions. Supply chain collapses. Coming food shortages. European war.

Paul Kingsnorth

Nearly three years of intense, persistent fear and paranoia, fomented and fueled by legacy (mainstream; traditional), entertainment (Hollywood, YouTube, Netflix, et al.), and social media, have worn through and burned up the cognitive and emotional reserves of many, as a mass psychosis pervades and prevails. The effects are evident in the lives and livelihoods of countless millions, and will continue to be so, as our dependencies on centralized institutions demonstrate our inherent social weakness, and may yet be our downfall.

Instinctively, powerful institutions and ruthless individuals hijack these [powerful psycho-social] forces to advance authoritarian goals. The individuals who contribute to mass formation are their puppets. Even the elites are not the true puppet-masters, since they too act largely unconsciously according to the primal psychology of the mob. Those who rule the mob are never free of it; they must continue to goad it on to new victims lest it turn on themselves.

Charles Eisenstein

One could say they’ve got us exactly where they want us, if one were to lean into conspiracies. But for many, for the sleepy, trusting, dependent, distracted, and confused, this is an evident, lived reality. This is the new normal.

For others, there’s never been a better time to get busy! Not to be afraid, vengeful, and angry, but to be more motivated and driven than ever before – to adapt, and tap into renewed resilience and self-reliance. These others, steadily increasing in number, understand the power of imagination, the need to protect their hearts, minds, and spirits from the onslaught of distorted, life-negating narratives, and embrace their creative nature.

These are the symptoms of the times, but there was a shared sense that something else was going on behind them, and it wasn’t just the beer talking. We both seemed to feel as though something huge was moving beneath a deep ocean and we could only see the ripples on the surface. Whatever was happening, it somehow didn’t feel rational, or even really explicable. It felt like some psychic force was at work; as if some eruption from the underworld was playing out around us.

‘Sometimes’, my friend said, staring into the flames, ‘I feel like I’m living in 1913. Like we’re on the brink of something, but it hasn’t quite arrived yet.’

— Paul Kingsnorth

The calamity of broad spectrum, unsettling transition is upon us. It’s absolutely needed, as we cannot maintain strength and toughen our will without challenges, and now is as good a time as any, in all of human history. Buckle up.

What’s clear to those whose eyes are open, is that no authentic substance, nor character, is present in many who would call themselves a political leader, a prime minister, or a president. They feign concern about the people, the planet, and the popular, yet entirely fabricated, issues of the day. They’re psychologically (and politically, financially) dependent upon toeing the line of their would-be masters, waxing prolific about manufactured crises and fake disasters that they themselves are creating, promoting, and further ensuring the reality of.

Their sickness is real, though their goals and agendas are predictable, and only paper thin. Beware of gaslighting, propaganda, and inverted storylines.

Very little coming out of the media is based on verifiable truth.

Here are some clear signs that abuse is likely to happen again:

(1) Humiliating conditions are put on the abused.

(2) The power to inflict abuse remains in place.

(3) The perpetrator refuses to admit harm was inflicted.

(4) The perpetrator maintains the justifications and pretexts for harm.

— Charles Eisenstein

Cui bono? Quid est veritas?

We are the power. We always have been. With our hearts, minds, and vast imaginations, we decide what is to come.

Be fearless. Get busy.