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Rebuilding Momentum

When you go about rebuilding personal momentum, the initial phase concerns retraining yourself into following through, and taking persistent action on impulses and instincts — something you may have been resisting in one way or another.

Life is an ongoing succession of choices — usually made in 5 seconds or less. That said, there are no quick fixes, nor shortcuts for making up lost time. What’s past is done. Take all that hard-won wisdom and apply it to the present.

An unfortunate side effect at this point, and likely others in the formulation/transitional phase, is anxiety. If we’re worried about doing and achieving and productivity (FOMO, FONA, etc.), we’re feeding too much energy into the ideas of scarcity and lack.

Harmonious action is inspired, purposeful and flowing. It’s saying ‘no’ more often than not. It’s deliberate motion toward our preferences. It’s anchored in our vision and founded on our exciting ideas, intimidating goals and occasionally grandiose aspirations. It is trust in yourself.

Being busy is easy. Being fulfilled and productively engaged is an order of magnitude greater. It’s about being of service — to yourself, and to the collective.

It requires discipline. Discipline requires practice and the formation of healthy habits. Commitment precedes discipline; it precedes confidence; it fosters trust. Trust emboldens decisive action. Action inevitably develops momentum. Momentum initiates and maintains flow. Flow is atemporal and life-affirming; it will loosen your attachment to the clock, and remind you of what you’re capable of.

Life calls and answers, calls and answers, and calls… Build it.

Solvitur ambulando