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Facing the Zeitgeist

Screenshot of a recent news article posted on Facebook

Read any of the comments on a post such as this, all of which parrot the same “how dare they!” sentiment, and you’ll observe a captured audience. Many of them even suggested violence and assault, or taking photos and videos and doing your part as a concerned, righteous citizen, in naming and shaming these “Covidiots”. Fascinating.

I had a similar argument with a relative the other day. She’s not in good health, and is terrified of the covid. There is rampant terror  and hysteria among the masses, so the media has definitely been effective in their campaign. The crowds are in full-blown projection mode.

What those fighting for “freedom” don’t understand, however, is that this world currently operates on the principles of commerce, and little else. The freedom you’re fighting for is enfranchisement, body, and mind slavery.

en·fran·chise  (ĕn-frăn′chīz′)
tr.v. en·fran·chised, en·fran·chis·ing, en·fran·chis·es
1. To endow with the rights of citizenship, especially the right to vote.
2. To free, as from bondage.
3. To bestow a franchise on.

As a citizen, you are a subject of the corporation. You are an asset, and within that system you have rights, benefits, and privileges. You also have inalienable rights, natural rights, above and beyond the commercial structures.

What do you mean by freedom? Do you even know? Yes, the Covid-19 condition is farcical, utter nonsense, introduced (after decades of planning and design) as a modern, multilateral, multidimensional imposition to suppress the spiritual expansion and collective progress of the human species. This is quite obvious to those who have done countless hours of research and study on the matter, and to those who don’t need to do any of that, already having the matured mental fortitude to easily discern the big lies. It is a framework by which the corporatocracy, by means today of the technocracy, can maintain their relevance, profits, systemic controls and industrial aims.

It’s about commerce. And look how they’ve made us turn on each other. They can rule us without any weapons or any force at all.

Isn’t that interesting?

Going forward, if we are ever to stop repeating these self-destructive cycles, we’ll have to grow out of the small-minded, weak-spined childish impulses that even this rather innocuous article, and its communal response generates. It’s pathetic. We are more than this.