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Love in the Time of Chlorine

We’ve all peed in the pool. We’ve all gotten home to realize that no matter how much we scrubbed and rinsed, we still reek of chlorine. That’s how it goes in a society, too. We’re products of our environments, for the most part, regardless of how often we profess to be otherwise. It’s not a conscious thing. It’s an energy thing; a field that permeates the observed and the directly experienced.

What is now increasingly evident, is it’s a global thing. The internet and modern connectivity has exploded this unconscious revolution. In this age of transition and awakening, it is a necessary step in the process that we gather the collective experience, flood it with a certain sameness, as we propel the species toward what’s to come: ascension.

Critical mass is a basic, yet epochal idea, that doesn’t require everyone to get on board — but it does require a significant shift of what lies underneath. We’ve been here before, many times. As we travel through this version of space and time, we’ll go through it again. It’s important to step out of the routine and rudimentary of the everyday and remember there’s a grand, cosmic story also playing out here.

Back on the ground, the way in which we seek and desire love and connection often bewilders and shakes us to the core. How can an integral aspect of our human experience be so convoluted in practice?

Look around. If you’re seeking a unicorn in a pasture of roans, you’re delusional. What’s true is that it always, always, requires a shift from within. Perception filters are based on the programming we ascribe to and make decisions by, day to day. Our personal consciousness defines our outward experiences, and it’s an exercise in futility to try and force reality to reflect something that isn’t yet completely in our field of potentiality.

If like attracts like, what’s attractive to us is the idea, at first, as imagination kindles the material fires, and if we commit to rising to that level, frequency, vibration, then holy shit! Look at all the unicorns.

This is a theory, of course, as I haven’t done it successfully myself. But it feels resonant, and as always, it’s founded in love; enlightening ideas to chew on, as it were. For the most part, it’s been a single life for me. I’ve generally met with the wrong people at the wrong time—yet even that is an untruth; things happen how they must to guide us toward our deeper desires. We can’t see all the moving parts, and everyone serves as a catalyst for our personal expansion, healing and elevation. We must learn to trust in Life.

These are turbulent, raw, revealing times, when pleasantries and clichés no longer serve. When you get real with yourself, every decision feels like you’re standing on something a little more solid. You’ll suffer fewer fools, and tap in to the authentic flow of your true, natural self. It’s worth it, truly.

Solvitur ambulando