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Tag: life story

What If…

What if everything they’ve ever told you is a lie? What if nothing about this world is as described? What if your entire frame of reference is fantasy and fiction? What if everything you’ve learned about human history is entirely false?

Native Songs

This is about Canada’s treatment of its indigenous peoples over the past century and more. It’s not an easy topic to discuss, and I believe that most of us are ignorant as to just how terrible it was.

Owning the Story

My parents were never able to provide the emotional support or conscious partnership that each required from the other. They valued things differently. They certainly communicated in different love languages. They were never able to express these concerns. They had children, so they pushed through — but this, too, in my opinion, was a mistake. They came from a different generation, and from a different culture, one marked by struggle, endurance, perseverance, self-sacrifice, and, unfortunately, a deep-seated quiet desperation.

Juxtaposition: The Living Story

In my experience as a film and video editor, one of the most common challenges is having enough raw content to create something of substance, flow, and meaning. So much is decided in fractions of a second, and often in only one or two frames, that we can quickly run out of useful material. Editing is manipulation. Editing alters the pacing, meaning, theme, and structure, as well as the altering eye.