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Stage Hands

Life is quite bluntly asking us to step up, and to step in to the desires and shifts that have been churning away in the ethers and dust, in the space before, in potentiality, in dreams and pure imaginings.

As we are moving toward the mastery of our selves and our attractive abilities, in the immediate state of things, we are creating vacuums of iniquity and distant opposites to our soul’s resonance so to literally erupt forth our truth and authentic core values onto the mainstage.

The clowns are obvious, oblivious, and desperate to maintain a stranglehold, but it’s increasingly clear that the game is all but finished… Yet there is massive trepidation and uncertainty in its wake and wash.

Having been sold on a dysfunctional construct for so long, we are reluctant on this pilgrimage into vast open spaces, spotlights, responsibility and incredible vulnerability. Hands shaking, heart pounding, senses hyperactive and intensely sensitive… Now is the time.

The soul of the world is asking for what’s next, and it’s not going to keep repeating the request. The foundation is well broken, and life is reaffirming itself — through eternal patience and ease, but it will bulldoze our makeshift and half-assed efforts. Complacency and cowardice simply won’t do.

You feel it. Look again.

Hundreds and thousands and endless means of blurring the intuitive, clouding the sixth and greater senses, numbing the muscles and suffocating the eternal fire — are simply burning and washing away.

It’s terrifying and exhilarating and terrifying and invigorating and terrifying and loving beyond the wounds, scars, and mistakenly empty places.

Look again! Listen with all of you. It’s a new frequency, planet-wide. Adjust your instruments and get ready. We’re entering stage left and stage right, and headed in to join the symphony.

No sheet music required. Play on.

Solvitur ambulando