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When You Listen, Too

We’re talking, sharing opinions, arguing and debating, but we’re not listening. We’re absolutely not listening to each other.

Most conversations tend to rapidly devolve into simplified, polarized, pointless noisemaking because in an offensive world, we all exist primarily on the defensive, and though we want to be heard, to be understood, we mostly want to be right. There is absolutely no space there for co-creation of solutions, nor connection to the deeper, genuine intent we need to address. Superficial nonsense and bruised egos get in the way, thus nothing uplifts and enlightens the many, while the conscious few are repeatedly dismissed, suppressed, guilted, shamed, censored and shunned.

What we’re often debating about are two disparate ideas, each with their value and validity, but suffering a great disservice within the context of emotionally intense, yet cognitively, psychologically, politically, or ideologically incompatible discussions.

What are we talking about? What’s true about this? Does it need to be said? Am I hearing what I want to hear, or what they’re actually saying? Am I filtering this through a distorted lens, or prejudice, or my fear or ignorance? Am I spouting off – or shutting down – because I was triggered? Am I willing to be wrong? Can I hold space for their fear, pain, and struggle – without taking it on or bearing it in my heart, mind, or body?

There is opportunity in every interaction, relationship, discussion, dialogue, and debate. There is a gift in every challenge, and right now, we’re living through an epochal moment in our human story. It is a time of tremendous opportunity, whether we choose to fester in dark places and ideas, or to liberate our spirits and to become even greater beacons of light and elevated, integrated consciousness upon the world. These aren’t merely new-age buzzwords. This is the bridging of science and spirituality.


Solvitur ambulando