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What If…

What if everything they’ve ever told you is a lie? What if nothing about this world is as described? What if your entire frame of reference is fantasy and fiction? What if everything you’ve learned about human history is entirely false?

What if you are far more than you ever imagined or supposed yourself to be? What if you’re not your parents, nor subject to their failings? What if you’re immortal? What if nothing here can harm the real you?

What if there is nothing to fear? What if this mirror reality delivers to you only and exactly what you put out into it? What if your intentions were irrelevant, and only what you do consistently, fearlessly, is all it takes to rewrite your story?

It’s very easy to be negative and angry and afraid in a violent, animalistic, brutal, negative-by-default world. There are a million reminders every damn day of the sickness and psychopathy that persists across civilization. Regardless, it requires exactly zero energy for the algorithm to accommodate complacency, to keep you feeling weak, small, cowardly, and predictable; be a blind, numb, sleepy part of the herd, and you’re not a problem at all to manage, coerce, and return to the fold. You’re fodder, not a creator; an experimentee, not a scholar, nor a poet, nor a scientist…

But, while you’re here, why not challenge the automaton, scripted existence a little? Why not go against your practiced, safe, known habits and behaviors? It’ll all be over in a flash, no matter what you think you’ll accomplish.

Solvitur ambulando