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What’s a CBDC?

Those hired for the purpose of devising the forthcoming CBDCs (the same chief collaborators and unpaid stewards of the revolutionary Bitcoin code) aren’t seemingly concerned with morality or how the technology they’re developing will be used. They’re excited about what they can create, getting paid well, and being named as the originators of a new paradigm in currency and financial exchange.

As it stands, central bank digital currencies are a technology built not on the blockchain, not in any transparent, clear, and human-centric manner. With terms such as “sentinels” and “watchtower” integral to their infrastructure, the nature of the new beast is evident, even before its widespread implementation.

Build your community. Build a network of resources that allows you to be resilient beyond the confines and matriculations of the centralized, corrupted, and increasingly volatile systems of manufacturing and distribution. With only a hundred or two people, you can subsist, have shelter, food, education, technology and finance, travel, purpose, value, and self-reliance.

We’ve been conditioned to fragment and atomize our families, tribes, and societies, to be able to pay for everything ourselves (often going into debt to do so), to depend on no one, and therefore, to isolate, disempower, and defang any sort of organized resilience and resistance.

Learn how to transact, trade, share, earn, profit, give, gift, create, build, and sell outside the grasp of the malevolent parasites and manipulators. It’s already here, and it’s plain as day the intentions behind it all: control.

The propaganda, predictive programming, cultural vampirism and moralistic obfuscation is well underway. They’ll be continually blasting false stories and ideas that will push and pull on your emotions, to guide you toward not only accepting these socialist and authoritarian measures, but to ask for and demand them!

Eyes open. Educate yourself. They are.