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Going to Extremes: Activism and Ignorance

The inane hypocrisy of “university educated” morons, pretending they care about environmental causes when it’s simply about seeking attention for their miserable, empty, pathetic, meaningless small lives. When you’re raised by the indoctrinated Woke and the AI-driven, faction-oriented internet, you’re a captured, mindless, and emotionally stunted child for life. Blame the parents? Maybe. Blame the government? Certainly. Blame the institution of education. Absolutely. They’ve lost their way completely and operate by someone’s deliberate design to consistently corrupt and destroy the hearts and minds of every generation.

The Greater Sacrifice

The “freedom” I have had in this life to pursue the truths and broader metaphysics of this realm has come at a high price. But, in hindsight, I have paid it willingly, if not frustratingly, because the spiritual mission of my life’s intention overrides reason and common rationality when it comes to practical things such as tending to the routine of paying bills and attaining any semblance of self-reliance. I never got married and have been single for most of my life. I have no children. I own no property, nor do I really have any savings. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a vehicle that didn’t have the “check engine” light staring back at me. And yet, 48 years into this primarily solo journey of mine, this is how it is.

Alone and All One – Stories and Illusions

We’re all dealing with the same problems. We’re all subject to, and concurrently armed with, and informed by, the same natural forces. The differences are nuance, interpretation, wordplay, and perception. Our languages and cultures may color inside the lines in seemingly varied ways, but we’re all struggling with and striving for the same things.


As we go through the motions of daily life, should we allow ourselves a beat amidst ceaseless mental chaos, we can touch upon a stillpoint…