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A True Path to Healing

We all understand the fundamentals: the positive and beneficial aspects, as well as the traumatic and unresolved aspects and elements of our actual lived and perceived (imagined) experiences, are located in our subconscious mind. It is also well understood that our subconscious governs, defines, limits, or expands the scope and capacity of our daily activities, including our inclinations, beliefs, reactions, decisions, and behaviors. Whether we help or hinder our progress in this life is primarily determined by unseen forces and aspects of ourselves with which we are not readily communicative. So, how can we “heal” and resolve these issues, if any?

I know it’s ridiculous to believe that there is a human being alive today who has not been harmed by the world. What does it mean to be trauma-free, with no psychological, emotional, or psychic issues to deal with? That sounds like fantasy! If you could live in such a way, in such a place, where you were not exposed to some of the darkness and outright evils that persist in this realm, you’d have to remain isolated, because if you chose to enter the “real world,” you’d be woefully unprepared and would almost certainly be destroyed.

So, is that an argument for the benefits of trauma, stress, and having experienced struggles, suffering, pain, and healing throughout your life? Perhaps. There are numerous platitudes to share in this regard, such as “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and other spiritually void, emotionally callous nonsense. There is an element of truth to it, but it is also entirely false. It’s painted with a false bravado and a scapegoat, survivalist mindset, which, in my opinion, demonstrates emotional immaturity and a lack of genuine healing. It’s cynical, adolescent, and narrow-minded, with no empowering message or a firm foundation for a better, more fulfilling life. We don’t need any more deceitful, superficial, mind-numbing pop songs or misleading, artificial, archetypal Hollywood fairy tales. We need the truth and authentic recapitulation — a grander understanding that goes beyond the trite and untrue toward our original knowing substance.

To accomplish this, we must first understand the ego. We must begin to grasp true lightness. We must initiate, meditate on, and reintegrate our immortal creatorship. What is real is never far away. In fact, it is always present in us, possibly even beyond what we would consider sub-consciousness. Elemental consciousness represents the beginning, the origin, the untouchable, and the perfect. But we are out of practice, out of touch, and, unfortunately, sometimes we have to be completely out of options before we dare to dive deep enough to tap into that original source that has always been there.

Of course, all of this could be deliberate. It could very well be our own choice. And, frankly, how could it be otherwise? If we did not experience a great forgetting at birth and throughout our infancy, our lives, societies, cultures, and civilizations would be very different than they are today. And, undoubtedly, what has been experienced and explored throughout our known and maligned, misrepresented, and largely disappeared histories would also change.

If we knew we were immortal and could not be damaged or destroyed, we would “wake up” every morning with a completely different perspective, an absolute joie de vivre, a deep and unwavering knowing, a calm and collected assurance, and a presence that is untouchable by innumerable negatively-biased events and presentations of the realm. We would know that any and all of these problems would be easily addressed because the vast majority of humanity would agree with the fundamental laws of existence, that Love is the simplest solution, and that Love necessitates truth in all things.

Resolutions would be swift and beneficial to all because everyone innerstands the underlying intention to help, uplift, support, unburden, and liberate the other. There is no deception, no malice, and no need to exploit anyone, anywhere, for any reason.

But we do not live in that reality. That is not the nature of this realm. That isn’t its purpose. However, that being said, it is not the nature or purpose of this realm to intentionally harm, torture, repress, damage, depress, traumatize, memory-hole, mislead, confuse, or convince us that we are eternally trapped or can be destroyed. Many of us live, observe, and understand that these are viscerally real and obvious aspects of our collective experience, even if the majority never dare to discuss them. The majority are unable and unwilling to do so because it would overwhelm them.

Knowing, seeing, and understanding are potentially heavy, debilitating, terrifying, and isolating experiences. However, it can and should be empowering, liberating, and affirming, because once you recognize the enormity of the false constructs and overlays, and that everything perceived as malicious, dark, and evil is merely a shade of gray on an infinite spectrum of color, hue, and vibrancy, you will realize and remember that you are here for a different reason.

Julius Drost – Unsplash

What, then, is the true path to healing? There is only one path, and it must lead us home, back to the original source, to the fundamental framework and understanding that are usually dormant within.

It is the font of untapped knowledge, the flow of unreasonable wisdom, unattainable by worldly means of rote, study, or rigmarole. It is the billion-volt power tap that seamlessly maintains our physical expression of this earthly existence, in which we choose, for the most part, only to live the bare minimum, the lowest of expectations, and by the simplest of paths that enfold us into the mass consciousness, leaving us vulnerable to the malleable and manipulable whims of the zeitgeist. We behave as if we were stranded on an oarless, rudderless raft in the middle of a vast river over which we have no control or influence. We expertly pretend to be insignificant, afraid, and inconsequential to the events of this world. We may even desperately hope that we do not figure into the grand equation because we have stripped ourselves down, believing ourselves to be feckless, shivering, meatless, mindless skeletons — even ephemeral ghosts of the machine. And, while there may be some truth to the transient nature of our earthly existence, we’ve allowed the narrative and coercion of lower beingness to nullify our inherent Knowledge.

The true path to healing requires an unwavering commitment to letting go, surrendering to what is dormant, and remembering what is real. Once tapped, the elemental resurfaces, allowing for the recognition and recapitulation of all traumas, imbalances, and subconscious influences on how and why we choose to live. It is one thing to become aware of what has harmed us and integrate it into our beingness; it is another to infuse those aspects with a greater Love that is free of judgment, position, and anything else that the human mind can comprehend. It goes by many names, all of which have been subjected to asinine and derogatory religiosity throughout history. The wording and language are irrelevant because all language is fundamentally based on Light, and it is the incomparable Light that informs, infuses, and releases the lies and limitations and impositions of all contracts.

We learn from contrast, and through the infusion of elemental Light, we overcome, integrate, and, as necessary, heal.

Love your life.

This post was inspired by a visit to Brian Eastman’s LIIFT website. Perhaps it will be of help in your remembering.