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Conscious Resistance

The moment we engage in a thought of rebellion, of engaging in the idea of an enemy, or an entity to resist, is the moment we define and essentially create that force. In a very real way, life answers back instantly with a mirror of the exact thing we purport to be standing against. It meets us half way, regardless of the inputs we provide. Remember.

This realization can be both intimidating and infuriating. It may also be quite liberating, as and when we step into our truest creative prowess by corralling our errant and defeating thoughts and patterns, we may finally engage in a life truly by our own terms.

What matters is to live in the present, live now, for every moment is now. It is your thoughts and acts of the moment that create your future. The outline of your future path already exists, for you created its pattern by your past.

Sai Baba

Unfortunately, we may resist that too, and again, life provides instant existential echoes and familiar experiential spirals that will quickly and certainly derail our process and progress – that is, if we’re predominantly entrenched in these same practices, thus always finding ourselves in the same loops and seeming futility. Establishing new and benefic patterns, at least initially, requires massive conscious effort, mental and emotional discipline, and a vigilance we may not be well practiced in.

Our impulse will be to judge ourselves, but isn’t it always. This, too, inevitably generates resistance. Additionally, when in the world of negative default programming around us, we see omnipresent affirmations of “proof” and evidence that support these hardwired neural pathways, standing in opposition to these apparent realities seems rather counterintuitive. And we can’t simply gloss over what is, pretending what we see and feel doesn’t exist, right? We believe in what we see, as we’ve seen it hundreds, maybe thousands of times before…

But therein lies the gift: it is only with our imagination, intuition, and empathy that we may interrupt the pattern and create from a place of pure presence. This is the exact opposite of what our learning institutions indoctrinate into us. This is by design.

Defending a position only creates opportunities for more attacks. Fighting against social injustices creates more situations to fight against. Wishing everything in the world was different than today invokes more situations we wished didn’t happen. Trying to convince someone of something they are not prepared to hear only pushes them away.

What we resist, persists. This is The Game, and your frustration is because you’re playing it.

But our lives change almost instantly when we quit playing the game—we’re not here to change the world, but pass through it. This is an obstacle course. Your spiritual power will begin to build when it’s no longer wasted on worrying about what’s happening around you. Everything is a trap.

When you let the world be, it will leave you alone. When you’re not in frequency with the negative, others who are vibrating more positively will begin popping up in your life. No effort is required. If you have to strive for something then you’re employing the energy of the world. When you relax and move forward without worry you have all the resources of Source.

— Jason Breshears, Archaix

We could call it faith, a trust that is absolute, and an unwavering belief that the outcome is assured and as real as what may have come before. If we habitually defer to our memory, and believe only in what is known, and what is seemingly tangible, we may also neglect the most important part of this equation: taking action.

Memory is inherently incomplete, full of holes, and filled with perspectives, perceptions, and interpretations based on who we were at the time – and we believe in the idea of “time” because of how our minds interpret the passing of sequential events. That’s fine, but loosening our grip on material constructs may be helpful in the grander scheme of things.

The present is our only place of real creative potency, as we cannot do anything about the past, save reframing it, and redefining what came before… But here, now, we alter both our perception of past events, while we concurrently initiate and engage the magnetizing and attraction of potential futures. Nothing is impossible, and the more we focus on what is preferred, being fearless about what we really want, with no expectations as to how things progress, the more we may align with our truer desires and outcomes.

George Becker – Pexels

We cannot always know the best and most expedient ways in which these resonant events can unfold, in the best possible way, for all involved. This may undoubtedly surface an inner conflict regarding having to “work hard,” or that what we truly desire requires many steps, sequences, and sacrifices in order to achieve. It is because of our familiar and well-established parameters that we continue to achieve and receive only what would fit within those unconscious boundaries. We cannot desire what is new and expansive, as well as demand – consciously, or unconsciously – that it conforms to how and what our minds can currently conceive.

Our practiced dependence on the control and manipulation of the narratives and people and places of our lives may likely only hinder the natural flow toward that which we truly want and need. We’re only ever a few thoughts away from falling into the same old ruts and routines. What is original, unexpected, surprising, and ultimately invigorating is how hardened fictions are destroyed and new stories emerge. This, plus persistent visioning, informing, and formulating clarity of what we genuinely want, invites the spontaneous creation of roads and paths, bridges and tunnels we are now ready for.

With practice, we begin to see the machinations and manifestations of our reality playing out in realtime, and react less impulsively, remaining more detached and objective, reminding ourselves to stay on mission, and to keep stepping into the truer story of who and what we are.

Solvitur ambulando