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Audio version (music by Oleksii Kaplunskyi)

We never know when something or someone will blow the doors off and usher in a new chapter or beginning. That is the typical challenge with linear thinking. We plan, anticipate, and try to control. We push, demand, and insist.

But we know that there is grace and ease if we trust the flow, pay attention to omens and intuitive impulses, believe in random boons and bonuses, and feel our way through it. Yet, this is the ongoing struggle when we allow alarm clocks, schedules, jobs, careers, or any number of other responsibilities to keep us from following our joy.

We see what we see and don’t trust that what is just on the periphery can and will appear at the right time and place, and we forget that everyone involved will benefit. Everything is intertwined, and life flows effortlessly beyond our mental constructs and limitations.

Too often, we overlook seemingly insignificant events. But, in retrospect, we can sometimes see the threads that connect the story. When we can elucidate how our choices, intentions, and focused energy brought everything to where it is today, we may be able to remember and integrate how powerful we truly are in every moment.

The magic of this place stems from conscious creativity. The splendor of this reality lies at the discretion of the awake.

It all comes back to practicing presence, as everything equates and filters down to the present moment. We understand that our perception of the past changes it and that our future is always malleable — informed and reformed thought by thought, step by step, page by page, and thus, truth by uncovered, unraveled, revelatory truth. There are, of course, things we choose to do and want to explore during a lifetime. However, the decisions about how we approach it, who we will be within it, and what we will take home are entirely in our hands and in our hearts.

Listen, observe, feel, trust, dare, choose, walk, dance…

There really are no ordinary moments.

Love your life.

Ordinary” from Fleshwound