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Tag: metaphysics

General Intelligence

The times, there are a changin’. And quickly. Our individual and collective human expression, our story, is adapting, as it always does, but many are feeling disillusioned and disenfranchised by all the madness. The plandemic, fraud decades in the making, threw much of the modern world for a loop, the repercussions of which are still rippling out in all directions. AI is now suddenly in our face, in our phones, in our wallets, our offices, and our homes. Health and wellness is seemingly always under threat, by ourselves, and by manufactured extrinsic means, as disease, mutations, variants and epidemics are ubiquitous in the media. In this article, I delve a little into some of the main themes and concerns for our time, and explore perspectives, opinions, ideas and directions that may help to reframe aspects of our lives in a different light.


Don’t pretend to be strong when you’re not. Don’t pretend to be tough and resilient when you’re cracking under the pressure. Don’t power through when you are anything but powerful.


Energetic stagnation causes obsessive behavior, similar to escapism. If we limit our options in an egoistic attempt to control, or if we sit in an indecisive haze, we tend to develop blockages that inflame the physical machine. 


Yours is not to invalidate or question the path on the map of their journey. Yours is to understand your own perspective and what your perception of their choices stirs within you.