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How We See the World

Imagine we could compare ourselves to a digital camera: the eyes are the lenses (we choose what to focus on), our beliefs are the filters (we choose what, and how information passes through), our mind is the image sensor (information gathering; how things appear to be), and our intellect (education, knowledge, level of understanding; preconception, indoctrination, interpretation, imagination) is a translator, or encoder/decoder.

Imagine, then, how much information we are exposed to, every second, of every day . . . Even during sleep there is more information, albeit through different eyes. (who, or what, is watching the watcher?)

Consider, also, how much data is dumped, on-the-fly, as we filter out and conform of the endless streams only what we choose to.

If you have ever read book, or watched a movie more than once, there is something of a phenomenon that occurs. For me, I almost always discover something new: a phrase I might have missed, a notion that now has new meaning, some clever editing, something deeper, something more relevant or profound than before (or to who I am now), something that effects a different emotion, or any number of things that may have been glossed over — depending on the state of mind I was in the last time.

Life can be like this, too, though frequently in a negative context. A situation, or issue, can and will repeat itself, showing up through different people, and different circumstances. The important difference, of course, is that we’re not only watching, or reading, but we are directly participating. Therein lies the challenge, and an opportunity. It being “real”, we employ a different set of rules for our filters and processes, don’t we?

However, I think we can apply the process of the former, to the latter. What if we could recognize when the same-old, same-old is happening again, and take a step back? What if we could take a moment and observe, to glean new information we missed last time, instead of simply grabbing hold of the leash, and nearly ripping the dog’s head off? What if we took a breath, created a space, and asked for clarity or clarification? What if, when playing it back in our minds, we would detach from our initial response, and see what else comes up? What else is possible?

More power exists in the question, than what we have known as the answer.

We can use this process in how we experience the world around us, as well.

I can use cynical, pessimistic filters: I can see the weapons of mass destruction (dysfunctional, archaic ideas of men), chaos, violence, disregard for life and the earth, massive waste of food and resources, GMO, inane childish politics, wanton ignorance, egoic arrogance, rampant stupidity, inequality, the sterility of socialization, the farce of banking, the lie of economic growth, mass media manipulation, and a whole list of other consensus disorders . . .

I can use positive, optimistic filters: I can see the evolution of technology and energy production, quantum physics, history-changing discoveries, increasing levels of disclosure and transparency, benevolent and conscious businesses, peaceful protests, social media and increasing interconnectivity, balancing of feminine and masculine energies, openness and vulnerability, heart-centered integrity, shifting mindsets — and more and more of us challenging the status quo in governance, education, and finance, implementing new systems which will eventually replace what no longer works . . . and a whole other list of uplifting beneficence of activity.

Same lenses, different filters, and thus, arguably, a different reality.

We choose. What if it were that simple? 

Love your life,