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Markus Spiske - Unsplash

We Should

We should be able to live comfortably while earning a good income. But we can’t. We have the lies of inflation, interest rates, and the organized crime of taxation. We receive token refunds and rebates while we are systematically fleeced by endless asinine policies and pathetic attempts at virtuous governance.

We should have a health and wellness system — a non-profit institution committed to assisting, healing, and guiding people to their most vibrant, resilient selves. But we don’t. We get the ancient Cult of the Medics, and the profit-driven, callous and cruel Medical Industrial Complex.

We should have the best and brightest, the most intelligent and intellectual people in positions of power in politics, finance and commerce, education, food and agriculture, energy production and distribution, and other critical fields. But we don’t. Overall, we get skin puppets, power hungry, profit-seeking, mindless automatons, and pandering corporate shills. Every institution is corrupted and led by childish cowards.

We should have spiritual and religious leaders who are moral, ethical, and character examples for a good and decent society. But we don’t. We have pedophiles, child and sex traffickers, ritual abusers, oppressive, distorted, deceptive, and manipulative doctrine, and mechanical, soul-crushing, violent, and divisive dogma.

We should have truth seekers who do not stop when their egos, narcissistic tendencies, and unresolved woundings are satisfied, instead becoming engrossed in the very cult and mob mindset that they claim to oppose. But we don’t. We have the new age movement, tribalism, controlled opposition, posturing, and nonstop fucking freedom festivals.

We should have an entertainment and news media industry that aims to uplift, inspire, entertain, and truly inform society, while also motivating, evolving, defining, preserving, and enriching our culture. But we don’t. We are bombarded with horror, terror, fear porn, pornography, gory violence, propaganda, ideological messaging, transhumanism, transgenderism, vampires, zombies, and annual additions to the supposed heroism, racism, and, lest-we-forget obsession with World War narrative revisionism.

We should have all of these things, as well as reasons to be optimistic about the future. However, if we choose to believe in the world as it is being sold to us, and if we continue to rely on the ways in which we have been programmed to accept this realm as it has been repeatedly presented to us, it is clear that we do not and will not have a chance, nor will we have hope. The consequences are visible all around us in the modern world, with rising rates of depression, suicide, addiction, and an ever-increasing catalogue of psychiatric illnesses.

So, what is truly broken about our perceptual and experiential lens? What element is missing from our formulaic ideas and reality perceptions? What factor in the Life equation propels us so easily and effectively toward misguided and maligned expectations, intentions, and imaginations?

Who is responsible for everything you do and how you live your life? Who, if anyone, is especially vulnerable to forgetting who and what they really are?

You are. Reclaim your ownership. It is time. Use it to shift your perspective on all of the above. If there is a “they,” then you have given “them” enough of yourself.

Solvitur ambulando