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Tag: source energy

Reorder Fulfilment

If we choose to rely on the outward, external influences to fulfil us, to fill that hole in our heart, mind, or spirit, we keep ourselves limited (and thus dependent) upon that which we cannot control — save our biased perception of it, but that’s another topic. However, when we step into the realization and embody the knowing that we are ultimately the source of both the creative impulse, and concurrently our fulfilment of said impulse (regardless of what the world shows us) we move in the direction of complete acceptance; we engender the true nature of surrender.

Engaging the Nature of Things

When we think or talk about the source, we think nature, metaphysics, Abraham-Hicks, or the Universe — usually something woo-woo. Whatever you call it, it all comes down to the same thing: the ethereal energy that we use all the time, every day, every second. Aside from method, mode, and ritual, what resonates with us in order to grant ourselves permission to establish rapport with the heart of all things is all that matters.