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Reorder Fulfilment

If we choose to rely on the outward, external influences to fulfil us, to fill that hole in our heart, mind, or spirit, we keep ourselves limited (and thus dependent) upon that which we cannot control — save our biased perception of it, but that’s another topic. However, when we step into the realization and embody the knowing that we are ultimately the source of both the creative impulse, and concurrently our fulfilment of said impulse (regardless of what the world shows us) we move in the direction of complete acceptance; we engender the true nature of surrender.

We will want (by the habit of force) to keep framing reality in such a way that is familiar, safe, and ideally, predictable. We will want to rely entirely on matter, material and physics as we’ve traditionally established and relied upon them to be for us. Our collective story has been do – be – have for so long, caged alongside linear, synchronized timekeeping, that it is well established as universal truth.

But, as we’re unraveling and exploring in these turbulent times of awakening and consciousness shifts, and the increasing — and vastly important — cross-pollination of science, spirituality, and the life-affirming (esoteric) notions long derided and suppressed and ignored, we’re racing toward the crossroads of our evolution; we’re slamming into the unfamiliar, and unpracticed, but hardly the unknown.

It is in this light that we begin to ask new and different questions. As our energy levels increase, these questions become loaded with expanded potentiality. Inevitably, what that develops into is an attractant of enlightened conscious awareness. And what’s that? It’s seeing and experiencing at a higher level how everything really is connected. It’s the inception and introduction into our everyday experiences another area of sensemaking that draws forth a deeper “a ha!” in even the most common of things. But, most importantly, it enlivens and enriches ideas such as “what would I need to become for this to be normal?” It shows us, without a doubt, that we have to first engage the energies of our desires, to align with that version of who we aspire toward, and thus life has no option but to also become it.

Over the years, you’ve probably heard or read about it in many ways, committed to memory many catchphrases, quoted and spoken and reworded affirmations, and everything in between. You’ve probably also been repeatedly defeated, disillusioned, frustrated, and perplexed by the universe and it’s inability to answer your passionate pleas.

It’s time to reframe it. You can’t “fake it until you make it” because you can’t bullshit yourself. You must be it, and thus, you make it. To truly release the old ways, the old energies, and the old small stories, you need to embrace the new tools that have been here all along. You need to wholeheartedly break with routine and rewire your consciousness, so to work with flow, and heart-guided “higher self” assistance.

Look again. Feel into the expansiveness of the moment. Step into the now you.

Solvitur ambulando