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Soak Up The Sun

It is again the time of the year to rebuild that “solar callus” by regularly and adequately feeding your body the most vital, natural, abundant source of life there is.

Sunlight, or rather exposure to it, is much maligned in the modern world, in no small part due to the ongoing distortions, ignorance, misinformation, and propaganda of the vastly corrupted petrochemical and medical cartels. You may need to deprogram yourself and relearn some rather important things about Sol.

Sunlight, or more specifically UV exposure, does not cause cancer. Never has. In fact, its purpose is just the opposite. Ultraviolet light is critical to hormonal and metabolic functions. UVA (sunrise and sunset) is directly related to regulating blood pressure and developing nature’s innate sun protection. UVB is of course responsible for the synthesis of vitamin (hormone) D.

Wearing sunglasses is not at all good for your health. Using sunscreen is terribly toxic, usually unnecessary, and unless it’s made by you, with natural, minimal ingredients, should be avoided. In fact, sunscreens inhibit the production of melanin, which increases your vulnerability to ultraviolet light.

Every cell in your body is photosensitive. All of you is affected by light. Natural light during the day, and darkness at night are critical for circadian rhythms and everything your body, mind, and spirit requires to keep your heart, brain, and everything else in optimal working condition.

Your body needs to be trusted, completely. It’s designed to be outdoors all day, every day, naked and free, touching nature, grounding in the soil, breathing the air, and eating what nature provides. Vibrant health is actually quite easy to maintain, as it is natural to thrive – though the Scientism and inverted beliefs of modern medicine, and the human-suppressing notions of techno-evangelists keep trying to frighten you into believing otherwise.

Eyes open.