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Be Offended

Be sexist. Be racist. Be offensive and uncouth. Be brash, politically incorrect, and insensitive. Be messy and unrehearsed.

But don’t get stuck there. Be real.

Be in error. Be ignorant and misinformed. Be impolite and inconsiderate.

But don’t get stuck there. Be real.

Learn, grow, trip and fall. Make enemies. Make friends. Lose friends. Lose family, and find (or start) a new one. Love, hate, judge and be judged. Destroy bridges, and rebuild.

Get lost and be found, inside and out.

It’s difficult to love what you do not know. It’s difficult to reciprocate what you cannot receive.

Laugh! So you don’t know how to be, or what to say. So what? You’ll figure it out. Listen. Pay attention. Look into their eyes. Connect.

Live. Be alive. Be human. Commit to being authentic and true to your soul. Know that your truth will change often in a lifetime, and rigidity is a guarantee of repeated injury.

We can’t keep pretending to be socially cohesive if we keep pretending that these pathetic, pandering politicians and ridiculous, childish mouthpieces (and worse, celebrities) are the only ones allowed to have an opinion – or, more accurately, a coached, scripted opinion. They’re all actors.

So long as there are two sexes, there will be sexism. Both women and men are sexist, conditioned and traumatized by a polarized, divisive, for-profit, religious and ritualistic culture. Children aren’t sexist. We’re born whole, then systematically divided by our damaged mothers, fathers, preachers, priests, politicians, and polarizers; by those who should know better.

So long as there are numerous races, there will be racism; there will be differences, variety, diversity, colors, languages and dialects, inclusion and exclusion. Children aren’t racist. They learn that from us “adults”. If you never travel the world, or experience anything outside your protected little reality bubble, you’ll likely default to the fear and ignorance of racism. YouTube and Netflix are not enough, and sameness will destroy you.

We are living in a default structure, the one that has been left over after all the prior revolutions have been put to sleep.

Jon Rappoport

Regardless of perceived differences and divisions, violence and extremism are a choice. We all want the same things, so to assume otherwise is an effect of widespread social engineering. We’ve all been subjected to it.

There will be cultural disruption and societal adaptation. There will be conflict and comparison. There will be misunderstanding and confusion. There will be a need for debate, open communication, hurt feelings, accommodations and heartful resolution.

There will be a celebration. For a civilization to survive, there must be something to challenge it, and something to celebrate – and every breath, every heartbeat, every smile and every tear, is reason enough.

We’ve allowed mass media and political agendas to pervert and suppress our basic humanity, while eroding our human rights and civil liberties. We’ve chosen to hide behind litigation, racist theories, perpetual propaganda, nefarious social justice conspiracies, fictitious, AI-driven (and composed) headlines and articles, social media avatars, and other childish nonsense.

We’ve stopped talking, face to face. We’ve let them separate us, cage us in our own homes, muzzle us, and delude us into believing in magical contagions and artificial, nonsense, potentially deadly technologies and experimental medical therapies. There are no cures. No, only treatments and symptom management for life.

We’ve let them manufacture consent. We’ve let them convince us to turn on each other.

Be offended. You should be. I certainly am, for all of this grand charade is quite offensive.

Solvitur ambulando