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The Heaviness and the Light

When there is no agreement about what is a valid source of fact, persuasion cannot bridge the divide. Besides, as the saying goes, you cannot reason someone out of a belief they didn’t reason themselves into to begin with… You can’t argue with a story…. Stories slip beneath logic-garbed psychological defenses to connect people with truths prior to reason.

Charles Eisenstein

As usual, Charles offers a message that resonates and touches on the vein of thoughts and ideas I’ve been challenged with in recent weeks and months. This is for those who’ve stood with their feet in the fire, who’ve dared to resist, and to stand their ground and challenge the narrative. Those who’ve worked hard to try to find and hold the middle ground — where discussion and open debate, discourse and calm heads may gather — have found nothing but hatred, vitriol, severe polarity, censorship, canceling, and even death threats.

Check yourself.

Engage the adult mind, and resist the infantilistic narcissism that the media is promoting 24/7. Jab or no jab, we need to find common ground, or the vampires and parasites will always, always profit and win from our infighting, amygdalar hijacking, and general stupidity.

We all know someone who’s been struggling (or has already taken their life) in these past few years, as the intensity and unwavering onslaught of negative messaging and propaganda, coupled with interminable governmental overreach and stupidity, weighs heavily on our hearts and minds. I’ve certainly struggled and suffered myself. Reach out, if you can. Offer a safe space for someone to just be seen, heard and accepted, regardless of your perspective or beliefs of what I generously, politely consider the plandemic.

Despair, depression, anger, powerlessness, sadness, loneliness… Many are suffering in their isolated spaces, and the longer we allow covid and contagion theater to persist and exist, the more good people will likely crack or be crushed under the pressure.