i have given everything i can see in this place all the meaning that it has for me.

this truth stings, from time to time, but it’s worth the momentary sharp pain for the lesson gleaned, and ideally, the wisdom gained. it helps to break up a dull routine, a perhaps prolonged lapse in presence, or adopted numbness from the usual mental or emotional suspects.

the process of unraveling and mending the twisted or distorted parts of us is a layered exploration of knowns and unknowns, and in moments of slipping and sliding down the unforgiving slopes and spirals is when the willingness to have open eyes, ears, and hearts effect awareness, consciousness and healing.

inwardly, a question, a frustration, and an appeal. outwardly, a reflection, a message, a clue, or a perspective shifting revelation. it’s all, always available to us, as life is the fluid partner in time.

look again.

solvitur ambulando