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In our culture, and seemingly in many on the planet, we have an unnatural bent toward violence, defensiveness, struggle, battling and fighting for our values, beliefs, sovereignty and space.

I say unnatural, because most seem to believe it’s normal — that pain indicates strength, progress, meaning, learning and that it’s absolutely necessary.

In our bodies, it is accepted that we build muscles by breaking and re-breaking them. We strengthen bones through resistance and impact; gravity. In our brains, we establish synapses and myelination by exercising cognitive, creative, logical and imaginative means. That’s simple mechanics. However, our spiritual, mental and emotional practices and habits affect our brains, bodies, and our DNA. We can build muscle and core strength by imagining ourselves training.

A true warrior must be beyond simple mechanics.

No warrior of any substance lives for the fight, for an endless fight does not a warrior make. There is more reflection, meditation, honing skills, training, conditioning and preparation than there is battle.

True warriors think for themselves, even though they’d lay down their lives for their cause. They do not look for a fight, but when one arrives, they don’t question it, nor shy away, and embrace the opportunity to engage all of who they now are, into what is here, now; to dive into a welcome test of their character, mettle, sword, armor, beliefs, values and desires.

A warrior who craves war is already lost, for their fight is with themselves. On the battlefield they would only ever bring half of themselves; half of their heart, half of their spirit, and all of their anger, frustration and confusion and doubt — endangering themselves and their brothers and sisters, their cause or those in their charge.

There is no such thing as a warrior of light. The battle for truth goes through the heaviness of the perceived dark to reveal light, which is ubiquitous; light and love and completeness is eternally assured. We delve into countless tones, hues, tints and shades and shadows to explore infinity and is-ness, always to find all spectra and prisma reveal unfettered, unbound, unlimited, unquestionable solace, sovereignty, wholeness and harmony.

A true warrior is an artist. They know to master the sword, is to master the mind, the body, the spirit, the thought, the word and the creative impulse. They breathe, deeply, calmly, into their belly to both fuel and master the fire. They let flow the thought stream to glean wisdom and insight, and let it flow onward. They know all lives matter. They know the inherent fallibility of the physical and understand the fluidity of the organic. They swim amongst the transitory nature of this life and the multidimensionality of all they really are.

They trust the process, implicitly, yet know that ultimately through action and choice is discovery.

They walk and live the walk.

Solvitur ambulando