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Human, Present

It’s not always easy being a human in this world. It’s always changing, and there is a lot of damage (psychic, physical, karmic, spiritual), with generations of unbalanced energies to process and recapitulate. All this complexity, unfortunately, expresses itself in how humans treat themselves, other humans, and the earth—thus creating cycles of trauma.

For me, in this life, I’ve always felt a responsibility to humanity as a species, and to this amazing planet. That notion somehow seems easier than it’d be to raise a single child of my own, even though the human collective acts, in general, pretty childishly.

I think a lot of parents try to live out aspects of their childhood and youth through their children. It’s so very destructive. There are better ways to exorcise one’s traumas and iniquities, yet it seems we only ever reach into our depths through only the closest of relations. Maybe that is the point of them after all; glass mirrors only offer us what we expect to see. Our fellow humans mirror a great deal more, in raw, unfiltered, ultra-high-definition.

It’s evident that a lot of parents in this current generation are quite a bit more aware than their parents were—and hey, we’re energetically not the same species in many ways. A significantly raised vibration and elevating consciousness affords us little room for playing along the same lines as they did before. Unfortunately, many still choose unconsciousness.

Some take it way far left and overcompensate, making soft, spineless weaklings of their kids—or too far off the other end, instilling terror, prejudice, ignorance, and perpetuating racism, dogma and violence. Both sides are guilty of fostering narcissism. That’s a shameful waste, given we’re more abundant, safe, informed and capable than ever in our recent history.

So, with the rise of the feminine, and rebalancing of the masculine, we’ll have to address all the nastiness we’ve pretended to be OK with for a long, long time. It’s messy. It’s raw. It’s intense. It’s dense. It’s heavy.

It’s reason enough to dive even deeper.

Solvitur ambulando