Tag: anger

it’s so easy

it’s pretty easy to point fingers and throw insults at the fat, white, sexist, rich, ignorant, stupid politician….


hatred is a most useful tool. it’s sole purpose is to flesh out our truth, in anything….

to be, and not to be

there are times when things can build up to a level of tension inside of us, that the blinders go up, the heart locks down, the stomach churns and ties into knots, and the brain, and body, just plain hurts….


you’re not helping, nor protecting anyone, by holding back, suppressing, stifling or filtering your raw, true expression. your tears are healing, cleansing. your anger is jarring, shaking, stirring, awakening. your love is uncommon, bracing, passionate, resolute. pleasantries are polite, but seriously, fuck off. the game of numbness and feigned ignorance – manifest as arrogance –…

passion, or anger?

what we engender, can invigorate, inspire, and heal – or, it can deteriorate, enflame, and harm….