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The Practice of Presence

Audio Version (music by Sergii Pavkin)

It may not always make sense to our linear programming, but it always works to our benefit. There is no such thing as wasted time or energy; it is all in our perception. And you can’t fall behind in this life.

Choices move and motivate momentum, and whether we’re conscious of our movements or not, the pieces never stop structuring our environment’s cosmos and stimulating our senses. If we’re still waking up in the morning — out of hyperdream and into the deliberate — we’re still alive in this story — still relevant, still seeking, writing, exploring, learning, teaching, dancing, and demanding expansion and expression.

Burdens become easier to drop from time to time. Practiced pride and arrogance can only serve us for so long. Be grateful for moments of pure discovery, clarity, and release. Every heartbeat is a reminder of home. The journey takes place in the space between.

Solvitur ambulando.
Love your life.

. . .

Elevate” from The Reluctant Pilgrim, Part I