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Hurdle Jumper

We become a match to the exact circumstances and events relevant to our conscious, unconscious, and subconscious processes. We may attempt to quantify and encapsulate what seems to be, yet we’re immediately ill-equipped to surmount that which has arisen.

In the instant we think we know, practiced and proven mechanisms engage. Game over.

To transcend the barriers and resistance of what has been isn’t merely to jump over or bypass it and carry on; that’s buying into a victim story; that’s coping, and life will deliver within those parameters in perpetuity if we allow only that.

We’ll undoubtedly try to effect transcendence through the common and practical, often through violent methods and accepted social constructs, only to repeatedly defeat our efficacy.

Paradigms are created and defined, and will at some point inevitably need to be outgrown or broken. We’re living with exceptionally reductive, suppressive beliefs and ideologies making us completely unaware of the vast potentials just opposite the veil.

We dabble in dream or altered, extrinsically induced states, affirming the misguided notion of our inherent fallibility and fragility. We subject ourselves to baser and minimal form and function yet perceive them as universal, authentic, and arbitrarily fulfilling…

Life is. It reveals itself according to our nakedness. It is effortless as we become so. It is timely as we become time-less. It is musical as we allow ourselves to attune.

It is poetic as we become wordless.

Solvitur ambulando