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To Be Transcendent

There is an idea in the new thought era that speaks to the concept of following your heart. What we desire is perfect and unique to us, and this statement and idea is quite often misused and abused by the new-age-minded crowd.

We forget, or gloss over the fact, that there is a second part to this idea. Yes, follow your heart, to the best of your abilities, but, have no expectations as to the results, or how your desires will be made manifest.

Tricky. It seems paradoxical, doesn’t it? Why is this? Because what you’re asking for isn’t actually what you’re asking for. Consider that our reality happens in layers, and our immediate asking, or desire, is no less subject to this multidimensional nature of how things operate here in our current level of perception. We’re also heavily biased toward the linear perspective. Thus, should what you desire manifest how you want it to, you might soon be frustrated to find that your truer, deeper, actual desire hasn’t been addressed.

Look deeper. What is it you actually want?

There’s another similar process that says to be specific about what you want. Hold that image in mind. Charge it with elevated emotions. Feel it, know it, experience it in your imagination, as if it has already come to pass.

The problem is, again, we aren’t clear on what we truly want–or we’re conflicted, at best. We have at our disposal the very substance of the universe, and we don’t trust ourselves to be able to shape it. Our thoughts go in countless directions, all day long, while our bodies take us through the essential motions.

Though, maybe we are clear. Maybe we do know what our heart yearns for, but underneath the desire is fear. Same results. This is how we keep ourselves in loops and cycles of iniquity and despair. We worry about time, circumstance and effect. We forget our part in conscious focus, unquantifiable potentiality, and being the cause.

We expend a lot of energy on the negative spectrum of emotions. Worry, anxiety, hatred, anger, fear, regret, longing, and all the rest, keep feeding this inward cycle of unrest and uncertainty. It’s not an easy pattern to break, and it shows up in countless ways. Yet, it is we who know ourselves the best. Nobody is going to unravel our mystery for us, though there are those who can offer us some guidance and useful information.

But, we choose. We decide. We carry on in this reality, or not. We can do the work, and reclaim our infinity, or play along, play small, and forget it is all about the play.

A mental picture is worth a thousand emotions. Don’t be afraid to reframe it. Step back and look at it anew, and from different angles. Always learn about yourself, and refine your parameters, hone your discernment, and foster your inherent resilience.

You’ll never get it all done, but you can, and must, savor the moments, the miracles, the discovery, and the awakening that is achieved on the journey to get there.

Solvitur ambulando